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Angeles, Eunice

Eunice is teaching seminary students in the Philippines at APTS, training pastors and missionaries who will go throughout the world.

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Becker, Lauren

Lauren directs Take5 Thailand, an initiative that enables church planting teams to reach university students through English teaching centers.

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Boyd, Adam & Martha

The Boyd’s will be itinerating February 2020 to June 2020.

They serve as Bible translators in Papua New Guinea, a country of six million people and over eight hundred spoken languages.

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Campbell, Andrew & Melodee


Andrew and Melody Campbell are currently missionaries serving with Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea.

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Gonzalez, Juan & Colette

Juan Carlos and Colette have been in Japan since 1994 and work as church planters where they are involved with two already planted churches. Based on the island of Kyushu, the Gonzalez’ help the existing churches to reach out in evangelism to their areas, while they are currently pastoring Momochi Symphony Church.

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Hertweck, Galen & Dickie

The Hertweck’s will be available for services starting January 2020.

Galen teaches New Testament at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Dickie teaches English and serves as the APTS Warden for the American Embassy.

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Klepel, Dan

Dan Klepel’s ministry focus is planting churches, training leaders, and helping to run a school for stateless, at risk children in Thailand.

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Racoma, Rocky & Gina

Rocky & Gina Racoma are currently missionary associates working in Japan.

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Seaward, Marge

Fred & Marge Seaward are currently missionaries working in Singapore.

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Whitehurst, Sara

Sara Whitehurst is currently a missionary working in Thailand. Sara has been doing outreach to the children. They are the most open to receiving the Gospel.

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