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Campbell, Marla

Marla will be educating new missionaries and missionary associates coming to Europe and will be working directly with the Regional Director for implementation.
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Ferrell, J.J. & Nelia

JJ and Nelia focus their ministry on touching the youth and have established a ministry to the homeless and hurting of that country. Why are they are establishing Youth Ministry in Romania…Because 87% of the kids in Romania don’t have a Youth Ministry in their local church.

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Glugosh, Raegan

Raegan will be available for services starting June 2020.

Raegan Glugosh is not a preacher, nor even the wife of one. She’s an R.N. from the Los Angeles suburbs who got hooked on the needs of Romanian babies back in the mid-1990s and has never quite gotten over it. The day Raegan discovered sections of newborn babies abandoned in maternity hospitals in Bucharest, was the day the ministry of Touched Romania took on a whole new shape.

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Herrero, Nicole

Nicole Herrero Field: Europe - France Email: Nicole.herrero@agmd.org [button text_color="#fff bg_color="#17100e" align="center" size="large" href="<a style="color: #1c5c76;" href="https://giving.a...Click to see profile »

Prevette, Bill & Ky

Bill serves as a PhD research tutor at OCMS. He directs practitioner-based action research and supervises doctoral candidates from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Ky works with women in Oxford through an international women’s ‘Gathering’ and she also is pursuing training to become a spiritual director from the Diocese of Oxford. Bill still travels internationally, working with ministries and missionaries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. When not in Oxford, they serve as consultants and advisors to a number of faith-based agencies and churches.

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Silva, Osmar & Linda

The Silvas are currently available for services.

Osmar and Linda are planting churches and training pastors.
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Welch, Bob & Karen

The Welchs teach at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, an institution that trains hundreds of international students from over 38 countries of the world, including China and Korea. Bob and Karen have now been serving at CTS since Sep 2009.

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White (Dimond), Ann & Barry

Available January 8 – January 26.

Barry & Ann are privileged to continue to serve God in Ireland, now as a married couple. Ann has ministered in Ireland as an AGWM missionary since 1993, and Barry has ministered in Ireland and beyond over the past 40+ years.

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Williams, Gil & Chanel

Full Appointed Missionaries to the people of Austria.
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