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Adams, Micah & Karissa

The Adams family partners with the national Assemblies of God churches in Bolivia to provide training, resources, and missions mobilization in order to sustain and promote the formation of active, reproducible church bodies among unreached people groups primarily located within the Amazon Jungle and surrounding areas.

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Arnold, Steven & Simona

The Arnolds have begun a new role producing quality articles, photographic, and video content for US Missions nationally. The purpose is to tell the stories of how God is working all across America among different cultural, ethnic, and linguistic groups, as well as among people with disabilities, through the ministries of around 300 missionary families appointed by the Intercultural Ministries department of Assemblies of God US Missions. 

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Boyd, Adam & Martha

Adam and Martha Boyd have been serving in Papua New Guinea since 2012. Adam is working with a team of native speakers to translate the Bible into the Enga language. Lord willing, the New Testament will be complete by the year 2023 and will be distributed in print and audio format. They have three children: Jacob, Bella, and Asher.

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Clanton, Flynn & Renee

Flynn and Renee Clanton are SoCal Assemblies of God missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. They are reaching Spanish speaking people worldwide using the internet as a tool of evangelism. Working with Network211, their websites clearly present Jesus as the answer to felt needs that individuals have googled and give each person the opportunity to ask Jesus into his or her life. Flynn and Renee are raising up and training local teams, in each of the 21 Spanish speaking countries, who will follow up with and minister to those responding to the Gospel online. They want to help people go from “searches to churches”.

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Deal, Shawn & Megan

Shawn and Megan Deal are missionaries to the Great Lakes Region of East Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda) with the Assemblies of God. After 7 years as a youth pastor and lead pastor, in Springfield, Missouri, and the Los Angeles area, their heart began to stir for the youth and young adults of this region, along with the leaders they believe this generation can  produce to reach the unreached people groups in their nations and beyond.

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Ferrell, J.J. & Nelia

JJ and Nelia focus their ministry on touching the youth and have established a ministry to the homeless and hurting of that country. Why are they are establishing Youth Ministry in Romania…Because 87% of the kids in Romania don’t have a Youth Ministry in their local church.

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Frenn, Jason & Cindee

Jason and Cindee Frenn and their three daughters have held more than 75 international crusades where more than 7 million people have heard the gospel. They have seen more than 700,000 first time decisions for Christ. Jason has preached seven open-air campaigns in Cuba since 2008.

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Herrero, Nicole

Nicole’s calling is to reach the secular French and university students by planting faith communities in France where only 2% of the population considers themselves Evangelical Christians.

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Hertweck, Galen & Dickie

Since 2001 Galen and Dickie have taught at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) IN Baguio City, Philippines. Galen teaches New Testament, and Dickie teaches English. During part of the year they minister and teach in other locations. Since coming to APTS, they have ministered and taught in 24 nations in Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. Their goal is not just the impartation of knowledge, but to see lives tranformed through interacting with God’s Word. At APTS Galen coordinates the Field Education Program, and Dickie serves as a liaison with the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

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Jones, Kirk & Yvonne

Kirk and Yvonne and their family are beginning their sixth missionary term where they desire to continue, providing material for discipleship and Bible training for children through local AG churches and so much more.

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Kazim, Paul & Sandy

The Kazim’s have been serving in Mexico for about 10 years. Paul teaches in the Bible school in Southern Mexico and trains leaders throughout much of Latin America.

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Kramer, Steve & Julie

Steve and Julie Kramer and their two kids, Kees (case) and Sela (sayla), have been AGWM missionaries to the Netherlands for 10 years and now God has called them back to the States as Assemblies of God U.S. Missionaries to the Vulnerable.  Steve Kramer was born with Cerebral Palsy and is a walking miracle. The Kramers are collaborating with CityServe to help resource local churches around the United States and the world to reach the most vulnerable in their communities.

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Mathews, Bill & Lynette

Bill and Lynette Mathews are seeking to meet one of the great needs of adults with special needs: Christ centered homes in a loving, caring environment.

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Suarez, Aldo & Liliana

Aldo and Liliana are missionaries going to Argentina.

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Williams, Gil & Chanel

Full Appointed Missionaries to the people of Austria.

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