Current and Soon to be Itinerating

avaliable for services, contact them directly by their email listed

Bass, John & Joanne


John and Joanne are involved with the Native American Ministry.
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Calugaru, Marius & Florentina


Marius and Florentina are Intercultural U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States.

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Campbell, Marla


Marla is available for services now.

Marla will be educating new missionaries and missionary associates coming to Europe and will be working directly with the Regional Director for implementation.
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Contreras, Gilbert & Virginia

Contreras, Gilbert and Virginia  - Argentina

The Contreras family will be available for services June 2017 through September 2018.

Gilbert & Virginia Contreras are about reaching, equipping, training and empowering tomorrow’s leaders to obey the Great Commission. They empower the local church to impact university students and professionals with God’s message of reconciliation, equip the future generation of Argentine pastors, and train Argentine missionaries before & after they go to the field—enabling them to be effective disciple makers wherever they are.

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Frenn, Jason & Cindee


The Frenns are available for services now.

Jason and Cindee Frenn are missionary evangelists in Latin America. Visit their web site for more information on how God is orchestrating a wonderful harvest in that region of the world!

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Gonzalez, Juan & Colette


The Gonzalez’ are available for services August 2017 through June 2017.

Juan Carlos and Colette have been in Japan since 1994 and work as church planters where they are involved with two already planted churches. Based on the island of Kyushu, the Gonzalez’ help the existing churches to reach out in evangelism to their areas, while they are currently pastoring Momochi Symphony Church.

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Gutel, Karla & Jim


Karla and Jim are U.S. missionaries, serving in Southern California, working to prepare people for ministry. Karla and Jim, together, administrate the SoCal School of Ministry which is sponsored by the SoCal Network.

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Jones, Kirk & Yvonne

Jones, Kirk & Yvonne_web_2016

The Jones’ are engaged in ministry to children in Latin America – Panamá. They are at work to win children to Christ and train them to win others.

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Klepel, Dan

Klepel, Dan - Thailand

Dan will be available for services July 2017 through July 2018.

Dan Klepel’s ministry focus is planting churches, training leaders, and helping to run a school for stateless, at risk children in Thailand.

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Riley, JoAnn


Her organization equips churches in Greater Los Angeles to reach the children and youth in their communities. They are able to reach 230 language groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Schmidt, David & Carol


The Schmidts are available for services Beginning June 1,2017 to July 2018.

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Severson, Tod & Colleen


Todd and Colleen serve as U.S missionaries with Chi Alpha Ministries on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara.

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Tarr, Randy & Becky


The Tarrs will be available for services beginning January 2018 through May 2018.

Randy and Becky Tarr serve as the Area Director for West Africa for Assemblies of God World Missions. The Tarr’s have three son’s Luke, Nathan and Micah. From their base in Dakar, Senegal they are helping to promote an outreach to unreached people groups in West Africa. They also are involved with the Senegal Assemblies of God church in the area of preaching and teaching.

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Woodworth, David & Margot

Woodworth, David & Margot_web_2016

The Woodworths will be available for services beginning October, 2017.

David and Margot Woodworth have been ministering in Colombia. Because of the low price of coffee on the international market and plagues afflicting the coffee plant, the 3 million people of the region have experienced difficult times. The Woodworths help plant churches and strengthen the existing ones in the region.

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