Gonzalez, Juan & Colette

Juan Carlos & Colette Gonzalez


Email: juancarlos.gonzalez@agmd.org

Juan Carlos was raised through LACC (Child Hope) in El Salvador.  Colette was born in the USA but raised in Japan as an MK.  Both attended Vanguard University (SCC). In 1989, the Gonzalezes went to Japan as volunteer missionaries for one year.  In 1995 they became fully-appointed missionaries to Japan after serving as Youth Pastors and Associate Pastors in the SoCal Network.  They have worked as a church planters in three different locations. Their current location has been a plant from zero, and now the Gonzalezes are in the middle of a church building program. Their church plant is Momochi Symphony Church from which ESL classes, children’s ministries, music outreaches, Bible studies, discipleship for new believers, and outreaches through the arts take place. 
The Gonzalezes have been AGWM Missionaries to Japan for more than 25 years. 

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