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Adams, Micah & Karissa

The Adams family partners with the national Assemblies of God churches in Bolivia to provide training, resources, and missions mobilization in order to sustain and promote the formation of active, reproducible church bodies among unreached people groups primarily located within the Amazon Jungle and surrounding areas.

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Brown, Jerry & Vicki

Jerry and Vicki’s mission is to create needed resources through research, writing, networking and teaching to equip leaders, pastors, educators, and students in Pentecostal doctrine and practice, enabling them to multiply healthy churches and plant new ones to evangelize cities and reach unreached urban people.

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Bueno, Bob & Cilinia

The Buenos are involved with Latin America ChildCare (LACC), Teen Challenge, and the Assemblies of God University. These ministries are reaching out to needy people, giving them earthly and eternal hope. LACC has reached out to over 600,000 children in the last 40 years, Teen Challenge has had over 300 interns and the University has about 800 students.

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Clanton, Flynn & Renee

Flynn and Renee Clanton are SoCal Assemblies of God missionaries based in Medellin, Colombia. They are reaching Spanish speaking people worldwide using the internet as a tool of evangelism. Working with Network211, their websites clearly present Jesus as the answer to felt needs that individuals have googled and give each person the opportunity to ask Jesus into his or her life. Flynn and Renee are raising up and training local teams, in each of the 21 Spanish speaking countries, who will follow up with and minister to those responding to the Gospel online. They want to help people go from “searches to churches”.

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Coad, Dale & Patti

Since that call, Dale and Patti have invested their life into missions, first with LACC (Child Hope) in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean for 18 years and then as the Caribbean Area Directors for eleven years.   Since 2018, they have focused on reaching and strengthening the Spanish Diaspora of the Caribbean and the West Indies.

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Contreras, Gilbert & Virginia

Together they are developing resources for the national church, enabling them to put their faith into action outside the four walls of the church.The Contreras are also empowering the local church to actively preach the Gospel through compassion ministries so that the lost might be reached.

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Devine, Mark & Jean

Jean are church planting missionaries in the city of Cali, Colombia, where they are currently at work in a church called Iglesia Vida Eterna. After a church has been established, they allow the nationals to assume leadership.

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Doudy, Troy & Ginnette

 Troy & Ginnette Doudy are church planting Missionaries serving in Lima Perú. Presently they are planting a multilingual International Church. Their ministry also includes Leadership training, and compassion ministries. 

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Dunton, William

William Dunton is currently a missionary associate working in Costa Rica.

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Files, Michael & Dodey

Michael and Dodey Files are the Regional Coordinator for Latin America ChildCare.

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Frenn, Jason & Cindee

Jason and Cindee Frenn and their three daughters have held more than 75 international crusades where more than 7 million people have heard the gospel. They have seen more than 700,000 first time decisions for Christ. Jason has preached seven open-air campaigns in Cuba since 2008.

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Graner, Judy

Judy is the daughter of missionary parents and grew up in Colombia, South America. She received her AGWM missionary appointment in 1976 and returned to work in the country where she had grown up.  Her ministry began as a teacher and dean of women in the Assemblies of God Central Bible School in Bogotá, Colombia. Today, she is still based out of that beautiful Andean country and continues to minister in various capacities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, especially in the multiplication of pastors, leaders and the extension of the Church.

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Gruetzmacher, Larry & Melodee

Larry & Melodee Gruetzmacher are currently missionaries serving in Mexico.

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Hernandez, Levys & Bonnie

Levys is from Managua, Nicaragua and Bonnie is from San Diego, CA. Bonnie is trained as a nurse and has been involved in medical missions for a long time. Levys was previously an accountant before joining the ministry.

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Jones, Kirk & Yvonne

Kirk and Yvonne and their family are beginning their sixth missionary term where they desire to continue, providing material for discipleship and Bible training for children through local AG churches and so much more.

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Kazim, Paul & Sandy

The Kazim’s have been serving in Mexico for about 10 years. Paul teaches in the Bible school in Southern Mexico and trains leaders throughout much of Latin America.

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Kinney, Mark & Patricia

We do children’s evangelism outreaches to help start new churches and introduce new cycles of growth for existing churches. We also train students at the Cordoba Bible school and direct Global University studies for Global’s students in Argentina.

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Mahon, Mary

Mary Mahon is now working in Costa Rica with Latin America Child Care. At LACC schools, sponsored children are given uniforms, hot meals, a Christ-centered education, and basic medical care. Thousands of LACC graduates now serve in key positions in their communities.

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Martin, Allen & JoAnn

The Martins are making Christ known by the training of National pastors and leaders among the Indigenous peoples of Ecuador, specifically targeting the Quichua nation. Allen is Director of the Bible Seminary in Riobamba. Both are involved in church planting, construction, medical/evangelism, etc.

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Michael, Adrian & Hayleigh

We are the Adrian and Hayleigh Michael family serving among the Haitian people of the Caribbean. Since 2015, we have been committed to planting churches, raising up, and training national pastors and leaders.

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