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Adams, Micah & Karissa

Adams Family New Picture

Micah & Karissa Adams are currently missionary associates working in Costa Rica.

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Brown, Jerry & Vicki


Jerry and Vicki’s mission is to create needed resources through research, writing, networking and teaching to equip leaders, pastors, educators, and students in Pentecostal doctrine and practice, enabling them to multiply healthy churches and plant new ones to evangelize cities and reach unreached urban people.

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Bueno, Bob & Cilinia

Bueno, Bob & Cilinia_web_2016

The Buenos are involved with Latin America ChildCare (LACC), Teen Challenge, and the Assemblies of God University. These ministries are reaching out to needy people, giving them earthly and eternal hope. LACC has reached out to over 600,000 children in the last 40 years, Teen Challenge has had over 300 interns and the University has about 800 students.

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Coad, Dale & Patti


Dale and Patti help coordinate the 130 missionaries serving in the 20 countries of the Caribbean and the West Indies. In the countries that don’t have resident missionaries, there are ongoing ministries from the U.S. based missionaries who come alongside the strong national church and work together to help disciple its leadership in its development, provide compassion ministries, strengthen their resolve by partnering with them in the planning and development of major projects and their ongoing ministries.

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Contreras, Gilbert & Virginia

Contreras, Gilbert and Virginia  - Argentina

Gilbert & Virginia Contreras are about reaching, equipping, training and empowering tomorrow’s leaders to obey the Great Commission. They empower the local church to impact university students and professionals with God’s message of reconciliation, equip the future generation of Argentine pastors, and train Argentine missionaries before & after they go to the field—enabling them to be effective disciple makers wherever they are.

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Devine, Mark & Jean

Devine, Mark and Jean - Colombia copy

Mark & Jean are church planting missionaries in the city of Cali, Colombia, where they are currently at work in a church called Iglesia Vida Eterna. After a church has been established, they allow the nationals to assume leadership.

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Doudy, Troy & Ginnette


Troy and Ginnette serve in Peru where they focus on planting an international church in Lima.

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Dunton, William

Dunton, William - Costa Rica copy

William Dunton is currently a missionary associate working in Costa Rica.

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Files, Michael & Dodey

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.26.20 PM

Michael and Dodey Files are the Regional Coordinator for Latin America ChildCare.

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Frenn, Jason & Cindee


Jason and Cindee Frenn are missionary evangelists in Latin America. Visit their web site for more information on how God is orchestrating a wonderful harvest in that region of the world!

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Gendreau, Phil & Mia

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.28.06 PM

Phil & Mia Gendreau are currently missionary associates working in El Salvador.

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Graner, Judy

Graner, Judy  - Colombia

Judy servers in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in cities, towns, and tribal villages in Colombia. Judy has also taught at seminars and edits educational materials.

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Gruetzmacher, Larry & Melodee


Larry & Melodee Gruetzmacher are currently missionaries serving in Mexico.

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Hernandez, Levys & Bonnie

Hernandez, Levys & Bonnie_web_2016

Levys is from Managua, Nicaragua and Bonnie is from San Diego, CA. Bonnie is trained as a nurse and has been involved in medical missions for a long time. Levys was previously an accountant before joining the ministry.

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Jones, Kirk & Yvonne

Jones, Kirk and Yvonne - Panama copy

The Jones’ family will be available for services starting May 2019.

The Jones’ are engaged in ministry to children in Latin America – Panamá. They are at work to win children to Christ and train them to win others.

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Kazim, Paul & Sandy

Kazim, Paul and Sandy  - Mexico

The Kazim’s will be available for services starting September 1, 2019.

The Kazims have been serving in Mexico for about 10 years. Paul teaches in the Bible school in Southern Mexico and trains leaders throughout much of Latin America.

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Kinney, Mark & Patricia


Mark and Patricia Kinney serve the people of Argentina, specifically the children of Argentina. They have ministered there since 1987 and now serve as directors for Global University and as assistant directors of Instituto Biblico Mediterrineo in Cordoba. Thousands of children have come to Christ through their efforts.

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Mahon, Mary


Mary Mahon is now working in Costa Rica with Latin America Child Care. At LACC schools, sponsored children are given uniforms, hot meals, a Christ-centered education, and basic medical care. Thousands of LACC graduates now serve in key positions in their communities.

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Martin, Allen & JoAnn

Martin, Allen and JoAnn - Latin America

The Martins are making Christ known by the training of National pastors and leaders among the Indigenous peoples of Ecuador, specifically targeting the Quichua nation. Allen is Director of the Bible Seminary in Riobamba. Both are involved in church planting, construction, medical/evangelism, etc.

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Stewart, Charles & Linda


Charles & Linda Stewart work for Hermano Pablo Ministries.


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