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Alexander, Jamal & Gwen

Jamal Alexander is an ordained minister with the General Council of the Assemblies of God headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Jamal is assigned to the Division of US Missions Department of Church Planting.

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Arnold, Steven & Simona

The Arnolds have begun a new role producing quality articles, photographic, and video content for US Missions nationally. The purpose is to tell the stories of how God is working all across America among different cultural, ethnic, and linguistic groups, as well as among people with disabilities, through the ministries of around 300 missionary families appointed by the Intercultural Ministries department of Assemblies of God US Missions. 

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Bass, John & Joanne

John and Joanne are involved with the Native American Ministry.

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Benton, Sara

Sara Benton is currently a missionary associate serving in the United States with Chi Alpha at UCLA.

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Bjoraker, Bill & Diana

Bill and Diana Bjoraker are called to bring hope to over 1/2 million Jewish people living in the Greater Los Angeles area. Bill Bjoraker is a professor of Judeo-Christian Studies at William Carey International University and Director of Operation Ezekiel, Inc.

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Bonilla, Michael

Michael Bonilla has a heart for serving young men who struggle with thoughts of suicide and self-harm. As well as, breaking down mental barriers that keep them from seeing Jesus working in their lives. How people view God can keep them from experiencing Him; and I hope to change their view to be one of grace, acceptance, and love.

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Calugaru, Marius & Florentina

Marius and Florentina are Intercultural U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States.

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Campbell, Dan & Janell


Dan & Janell Campbell

Dan and Janell are Assemblies of God U.S. Missionaries and the SoCal Network Missionary Development Directors.

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Daniels, Paula

Paula Daniels is currently a missionary associate serving in the United States with Forgotten Children.

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Gounder, Simon & Anjana

Global AIM was pioneered by Simon and Anjana Gounder. They are both Ordained Ministers with the Assemblies of God USA and serve as missionaries with US Missions. They are of Asian Indian descent and were born and raised in the Fiji Islands.

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Grasser, Paul & Norma

Paul and Norma are the Directors of Second Half Ministries for the SoCal Network of the Assemblies of God. Their desire is to be a Voice and Advocate for the Senior Adults in Southern California.

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Gutel, Karla & Jim

Jim and Karla have served as SoCal missionaries since 1982.  They served in the country of Thailand until 1997 when they became US missionaries.  Currently, Karla serves as the SoCal Missionary Specialist and National Field Representativefor Specialized Intercultural Missionaries.  Jim is assisting their son Joe with a church plant in Chatsworth.  

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Gutel, Tamara

Tamara Gutel is currently a missionary associate serving in the United States with Mission One Eleven.

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Hamilton, Rachelle

Rachelle Hamilton is currently a missionary associate serving in the United States with Chi Alpha at UCLA.

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Hanna, Alex & Samia

They have planted new churches among Arabs and Muslims in USA and the world. The Arabic evangelical world wide 7 satellite Alkarma TV – non profit reaching 98% of earth. The Arabic – English prayer lines receive more than 15000 prayer requests per month.

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Kaufman, Ben & Sherie

Dr. Benjamin M. Kaufman is founder and director of Leadership Development Ministries, a coaching and leadership training ministry based in San Juan Capistrano, California.

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Kertson, Brandon & Kendra

Brandon and Kendra Kertson are the directors of Chi Alpha San Diego which they pioneered at San Diego State University 6 years ago. They also have a ministry now at Grossmont College. They have been married 15 years and have three daughters, Peyton, Amber and Eden.

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Khai, Chin & Lian

Chin & Lian Khai are currently missionary associates serving in the United States with Burmese.

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Kheng, Sopheak & Amy

Ministering to the 60,000 Cambodian People of Greater Long Beach, CA.

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Kramer, Steve & Julie

Steve and Julie Kramer and their two kids, Kees (case) and Sela (sayla), have been AGWM missionaries to the Netherlands for 10 years and now God has called them back to the States as Assemblies of God U.S. Missionaries to the Vulnerable.  Steve Kramer was born with Cerebral Palsy and is a walking miracle. The Kramers are collaborating with CityServe to help resource local churches around the United States and the world to reach the most vulnerable in their communities.

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