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Kheng, Sopheak & Amy

Ministering to the 60,000 Cambodian People of Greater Long Beach, CA.

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Kramer, Steve & Julie

Steve, Julie, Kees and Sela Kramer are new US Missionaries working with CityServe International to inspire, empower and equip the local church to reach the vulnerable, from the neighborhood to the nations.
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Larson, Dick & Jan

Dick and Jan lead the Hispanic School of Ministry which has over 100 students enrolled in preparation for obtaining ministerial credentials. Dick serves as Dean of the Hispanic School of Ministry and Jan serves as Registrar and Administrator.

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Lewis, Angela


Angela Lewis is currently a missionary serving in the United States with Chi Alpha, UCLA.

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Mathews, Bill & Lynette

Bill and Lynette Mathews are seeking to meet one of the great needs of adults with special needs: Christ centered homes in a loving, caring environment.

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Peavy, Russ

Russ is involved in Intercultural Ministries in the United States.
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Porter, Robert & Norma

Robert & Norma Porter are currently missionary associates serving in the United States with Intercultural Ministries.

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Riley, JoAnn

Her organization equips churches in Greater Los Angeles to reach the children and youth in their communities. They are able to reach 230 language groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Severson, Tod & Colleen

Todd and Colleen serve as U.S missionaries with Chi Alpha Ministries on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara.

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Tran, Nhat & Liz

Currently, they are candidate US missionaries, raising funds to plant a Vietnamese church in Little Saigon the heart of the largest Vietnamese community in America. The Trans will be launching their church in the city of Garden Grove, CA.

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