Prevette, Bill & Ky

Bill & Ky Prevette


Email: bill@prevetteresearch.net

Bill and Ky Prevette have been involved with Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) since 1985. They began their missionary work in India, Singapore, and Indonesia with Asian Teen Challenge. In 1988, the Prevettes were appointed as AGWM missionaries to work in Bangkok, Thailand. They spent the next 10 years in Thailand and Cambodia involved in church planting, compassion projects, and ministering to young people and women at-risk from human trafficking.

In mid 2019, Bill and Ky took on the role of 'Missionaries in Residence' at Vanguard Univerity in Costa Mesa, CA and remain AGWM missionaries assigned to Europe. They both continue to travel internationally, working with ministries and missionaries in Europe. While in the USA they will be connecting with their family and supporting churches. 

Bill states, 'Our primary calling over the years has been to mentor and equip leaders, training them to advance the Kingdom of God. We do this best by combining scholarship and meaningful action that enables them to serve churches, families, and communities that are often suffering the effects of poverty and exploitation.’