Calugaru, Marius & Florentina

Marius & Florentina Calugaru

Field: United States - Romanians

Email: mariuscalugaru@usmissions.org

Marius and Florentina are Intercultural U.S. missionaries, working with the Romanian communities in the United States. The population of Romanian descent in the United States is estimated to be over 1 million and about 160,000 in California. Currently, 94% of all Romanians, are not born again Christians.

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  1. Veronica German August 2, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    I am Veronica German missions director at Bakersfield Christian Church. Pastor Leticia Stepp sent me your information and dates. Missions week will be on October 21, 24,28- 2018. I need to see our church calendar I want to may sure is not going to overlap with other events. Our missionaries are welcome in our congregation. I will take in consideration your dates that you sent us. I am looking forward to meet you.


    Veronica German,

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