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Campbell, Marla

Marla will be educating new missionaries and missionary associates coming to Europe and will be working directly with the Regional Director for implementation.

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Ferrell, J.J. & Nelia

JJ and Nelia focus their ministry on touching the youth and have established a ministry to the homeless and hurting of that country. Why are they are establishing Youth Ministry in Romania…Because 87% of the kids in Romania don’t have a Youth Ministry in their local church.

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Glugosh, Raegan

Raegan Glugosh is not a preacher, nor even the wife of one. She’s an R.N. from the Los Angeles suburbs who got hooked on the needs of Romanian babies back in the mid-1990s and has never quite gotten over it. The day Raegan discovered sections of newborn babies abandoned in maternity hospitals in Bucharest, was the day the ministry of Touched Romania took on a whole new shape.

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Herrero, Nicole

Nicole’s calling is to reach the secular French and university students by planting faith communities in France where only 2% of the population considers themselves Evangelical Christians.

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Prevette, Bill & Ky

Bill states, ‘Our primary calling over the years has been to mentor and equip leaders, training them to advance the Kingdom of God. We do this best by combining scholarship and meaningful action that enables them to serve churches, families, and communities that are often suffering the effects of poverty and exploitation.’

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Silva, Osmar & Linda

Osmar and Linda are planting churches and training pastors in Portugal.

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Welch, Bob & Karen

The Welch’s teach at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, an institution that trains hundreds of international students from over 38 countries of the world, including China and Korea. Bob and Karen have now been serving at CTS since Sep 2009.

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White (Dimond), Ann & Barry

They are passionate about training and developing young leaders to arise and take the churches forward across Ireland, North and South. This takes one-on-one mentoring, congregational church ministry, plus church ministry development.  Barry and Ann are passionate to pray for REVIVAL across Europe and see God move miraculously!

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Williams, Gil & Chanel

Full Appointed Missionaries to the people of Austria.

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