SoCal Network Missions Priorities

To become a missions force that is far-reaching and longstanding, SoCal AG Missions is committed to:

Pastor-Missionary Relationships by establishing and maintaining strong relationships between mission-loving pastors and church-loving missionaries in our fellowship.

Raising a New Generation of Missionaries by equipping and empowering future generations to lifelong service by fulfilling God's call in missions.

Missionary Health, Relations, and Enrichment by facilitating a loving and supportive environment for our missionaries and their families to enable them to have a healthy home and effective ministry.

Missions Education and Awareness by supplying every pastor and church with an awareness of what God is doing around the world to inspire and enable all of our fellowship to pray, give, and participate in missions.

Missions Opportunities and Involvement by providing every pastor, leader, or person the opportunity to see the heart of God while on a foreign field through a life-changing and challenging experience.

Pastoral Development by empowering every pastor with the information, tools, opportunities, and resources to continually develop a missions oriented church.

Church Development by calling every church to become an environment for World Christians in giving, going, praying, and growing.

To fulfill the required Assemblies of God's unique and effective process in preparing and sending missionaries to the field.